Soundtest Sony PCM-A10

This is a list of Soundsamples, captured during the first tests with the Sony PCM-A10 Audio Recorder

BuildIn Mics -Wide - Ambient City

Recorded with the Sony A10 using the build-in microphones. I stand beside a crossing in Berlin Kreuzberg in the evening. Be aware, there is some wind noise at the beginning of the last third.

Mic Setting: Wide, 96khz/24bit (Fallback mp3 is converted to 48khz/24bit 320kps)

BuildIn - Silent Sounds and Noise Floor

Here I captured some silent sounds, blister package, paper and I crack some walnuts. At the beginning and at the end, I generated a "reference Beep Sound" with a PO-14 Pocket Operator. Sounds weird but it's fun ;)


96/24, Buildin Mics - XY

in comparison the PCM-M10:

There is a difference in the noise floor and overall image of the recording, mostly because the M10 has Omni Mics compared to the cardioid mics on the A10 and D100. Noise floor is very low here!

96/24, Buildin Mics

and the PCM-D100:

Even on the D100 the Noise floor is a bit higher than on the M10. But the D100 is able to catch great details. This file is not perfect to demonstrate this. ;)

96/24, Buildin Mics - XY

The files are in addition to the topic at